Game-ready Sound Packs are delivered as zip archives containing uncompressed 16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV files.
All sound effects are 16 bit 44.1 kHz. There is no "clipping" of any sounds and noise levels are kept to an absolute minimum by using professional quality equipment to record the source material. Looping sounds are provided, to best ability, without any audible seams. All sounds always start and stop at 0 dB to ensure that there is no click when playback begins. The sounds are cropped and unecessary long trails have been removed to conserve memory usage and size of game distributable.
The term "game-ready" indicates that they are optimized as much as possible for direct implementation in games. The quality isn't unecessarily high (e.g. as 24 bit 96/192 kHz, mainly required when manipulating sounds in a sound design process.) Game developers may drag-and-drop these sounds into their game development tool of choice.
Universal Sound FX is a sound effects pack that is updated every quarter with new sound effects. The term "evolving" refers to that the pack improves with better sounds and wider game genre coverage. As the pack evolves the price of the pack increases but existing customers get the updated pack for free. It pays off to buy Universal Sound FX as soon as possible to benefit from future updates without any additional fees.
Specialized sound packs covers a particular topic or game genre in much more detail than Universal Sound FX (USFX). USFX may, for example, contain 200 user interface sounds whereas the specialized UI Sound Pack contains 3000 user interface sounds with many more variations. The specialized sound packs are not evolving (updated) like USFX , instead additional volumes of specialized sound packs may be released.
An email will be sent to the email addressed used during the PayPal payment process. If you have changed your email address. If you have changed your e-mail address, see "How do I change my email address to receive Universal Sound FX updates?".
Use the contact page to requests to change the email address (make sure to include old and new address.) If you subscribe to newsletters you will also receive separate notification of USFX updates.
Sounds that are frequently repeated, such as footsteps or firing weapons, sound very artificial if the same sound is repeated without any alteration. Repetative sounds are provided with multiple "Round Robin" (RR) variations so you can playback different versions of the sound to make it sound more natural.
Only the game-ready sound effects are available in the Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace (not the sound design packs.) The packs provided via this web site are delivered as zip-files containing WAV files. The Unity Asset Store versions of sound packs are delivered as an importable Unity asset with sounds which are keyword tagged using Unity labels. The Unreal Marketplace versions come as Unreal Projects with .uasset files instead of WAV-files.
The asset is priced differently in different stores depending on how much effort is involved in maintaining the product in the store, how large share the store takes from the sale price, and how other assets are priced in the stores not to undercut competition too much.
Sound Design Packs are delivered as ZIP-archives containing 24 bit WAV files with in 96 kHz or 192 kHz. The files are meta tagged with appropriate keywords and useful meta data details.
The sound design audio files are either 96 kHz or 192 kHz 24 bit audio WAV files. Recorded sounds are recorded using professional low noise recording equipment.
Payment is processed by PayPal. Havnig a paypal account is not required as you can specify to pay by credit card if you do not have a paypal account.
If you subscribe to newsletters you will receive email notification of new sound packs as they are released.
Download links should be provided by email following payment. The email will be sent to the paypal email address used in the purchase process. Ensure that the email has not been caught by a spam filter and check any "junk mail" folder your email client may have. Digital delivery of files are provided by a third party supplier, SendOwl, and at times the emails may be delayed due to backlock of payment processing at PayPal or SendOwl. If you haven't received a download link and it's not in your spam folder, please use the contact page to report the error.
The download links are not time limited, but they are limited to 10 times to avoid the links being spread illegally. If you still need the download links to be reactivated due to failed download attempts you can use the contact page to request reactivation. When the Universal Sound FX library is updated the number of download attempts are reset to 10.
Yes. Source material is recorded or generated using sound synthesis and the sound effects are designed by me.
I want to make sure independent game developers who are on an extremely tight budget can use sound effects without having to purchase expensive libraries or individual sound effects. Since my audience is wide and the price is very competitive I aim to sell more copies to make a sustainable business rather then selling the sounds expensive to a smaller number of customers.
See the list of software on the Studio page.
Yes, all sounds have keywords and other meta data tags.
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