My name is Stefan Persson, I was born in the mid 70s and I'm now residing in Nynäshamn, a small town about half an hour south of Stockholm Sweden. Recording audio and creating sound effects is one of many passions that I have.

To pay the bills I've been working as an IT Security Consultant most of my professional carreer. I used to be employed by companies in the UK and Sweden but in 2014 I finally took the leap and registered my own freelance business, Secenta AB, where I am self-employed working as an IT Security Architect.

The second company I run is Imphenzia AB. It's a 20 year hobby that finally turned into a business. Imphenzia is my creative outlet where I not only create and sell sound effects through this site but I also make and sell music, game assets, and games.

I try to limit my consultancy work to 60% so I can at least put 40% into Imphenzia. I spend most evenings working with Imphenzia-related stuff anyway so it's probably 60 hour work weeks anyway - luckily enough I don't need much sleep.

Me with my wife and 3 children visiting San Francisco 2016

Autumn 2015 - Riding motocross


I am a father of 3 (currently 2, 5, and 7 years old) and between work hours and until the kids go to sleep I prioritize to spend my time with them. Lately the kids are going a sleep increasinly late so the window of opportunity for evening work is rapidly shrinking. But that's OK, I just have to become more efficient! My wife co-owns Imphenzia AB and she has to put up with and listen to all my far fetched ideas in the world of sound and game development =)


The only recreational activity that I have time for is motocross. I try to ride at least once per week although in periods there may be weeks and months where broken bikes and other committments have prevented me from riding. Riding motocross is one of very few things that takes my mind off things.

House Renovation

To ensure that there is not a moment when I don't have anything to do I am also renovating our house. Progress is slow, partially because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and partly because I can only allocate so much time. After a few bad experiences with builders and contractors I decided to do most of it myself instead. The house dates back to 1937 so there are a lot of things to do and plenty of surprises.

Summer 2015 - plastering basement

My Other Web Sites

Finally, in addition to Universal Sound FX and under the umbrella of Imphenzia, I create the content and run these web sites:

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